• Concrete Polishing

  • Polished Bench tops

  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Polyurethane Coatings

  • Honing Concrete

  • Floor Preparation

  • Resealing/Repainting 

  • Driveway Repairs

  • General Concrete

  • Exposed Aggregate

  • Floor leveling 



Q: Can i choose the colour of concrete and the aggergate in the mix?

A: Yes, if you are pouring a new slab, the concrete colour and aggregate can be selected. Most concrete suppliers offer an extensive range of colours and aggerates for you to choose from.


Q: What strength should my concrete be?

A: 32mpa.


Q: Can i get my existing concrete polished?

A: The strength and hardness of the existing concrete will determine if it is able to be polished or not. If the concrete is too soft, we offer a couple of different soultions (such as Grind&Seal) which can be discussed at your initial quote.


Q: How long does Polished Concrete take to complete? 

A: Generally, a 100m2 fully polished open slab will take 5-7 days to complete. Finished houses and enclosed areas will take longer due to extra steps (taping up and placing protection on the walls, cupboards and doors etc.) that will need to be completed before any polishing can be done.  


Q: How much does Polished Concrete cost a M2?

A: All prices are dependant on the exposure and the grit level that is desired. In most cases it is best to contact Luke Arthur on: 0430 009 772  to book a free quote. Please note that jobs under 30m2 will be quoted on a daily rate.


Q: How much dust and mess will there be during the process?

A: The polishing precess creates very little dust as all machines are attached to a dust extracter that collects and stores any dust made. All other mess and rubbish will be cleaned up by the machine operator at the end of each day.


Q: How do i clean polished concrete?

A: Polished concrete can be cleaned with a ph neutral cleaner and a microfibre mop.


Q: Do you pour concrete?

A: Yes, but at this stage we only pour small extensions and external concrete around the house ready to be polished or honed ( alfresco, driveways, paths, under pergolas and shed floors). For any house slabs or bigger extensions we can recommend sub contractors to ensure that you are provided with  the best possible job. 


Q: Does concrete crack?

A: In most cases, yes but we try to prevent it by using a heavier gauge mesh with 32mpa concrete and every job is poured onto plastic. Initial cracks in the concrete will be filled during the grouting stage and are easily hidden in polished concrete floors. Any cracks that are noticed down the track can be patched with an epoxy resin to bring the floor back to its original state.


Q: I suffer from allergies and athsma, is polished concrete a good solution for me?

A: Yes, in fact it is one of the best solutions for you. Polished concrete floors will not support the growth of mould, dirt, pollen or dust mites and therefore is perfect for sufferers of athsma or other allergies.


Q: How often does my Polished Concrete have to be resealed?

A: Polished concrete sealers should last up to 5-10years, but can be buffed at any time to bring that new floor shine back.


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